Male Extra Review – Another Great Product To Check Out

A healthy sex life is one of the most important ingredients of a fulfilling marriage. But the contemporary irregular lifestyle, coupled with worries & stress may badly affect the sexual health of a man. Are you facing erectile issues for some time now? Are you missing that alpha male you used to be in bed these days? Well, all these signs indicate poor penile health which leads to reduced libido and affected sex life. However, not to worry as there is a really effective pill that can do wonders for your sexual health. It’s called “Male Extra” and the pill has helped even septuagenarians to enjoy an uninterrupted sex life.

The post below offers a short review on Male Extra

A brief overview

Male Extra is a highly popular male enhancement pill. Armed with powerful natural ingredients, the supplement works to promote better sexual health for improved sexual performance. What makes Male Extra more efficient than other regular male enhancement pills in the market is its unique composition. It’s the only male enhancement pill to house the highly powerful Granada 40percent Ellagic Acid (500 mg). Ellagic acid is a great stimulant, improves blood supply and helps with stronger erections.

How does it work?

Healthy blood supply to genitals is extremely important to experience fulfilling sexual relationship. Men face erection issues when the penis cells experience low blood circulation which consequently results in shorter and weak or no erection at all. As a man ages, his penile cells tend to become weak & inflexible. Rigid cells are unable to hold a lot of blood which weakens the blood supply in penis. As a result you face erection difficulties. Male Extra comes to the rescue here.

The bestselling supplement strengthens the penile cells and enhances blood circulation within your penis. As a result, you experience a bigger, harder, powerful and longer erections. Put simply, Male Extra will transcend to that previous alpha male stage that you have missing out on for awhile.

hen Male Extra also improves sexual health in men by working as an effective PDE-5 inhibitor. It’s to note here PDE-5 is a type enzyme that leads to the contraction of penile cells. Contracted cells prevent a man from achieving proper erections. Male Extra blocks the PDE-5 enzyme successfully so that you can enjoy flawless erection.

Ingredients of Male Extra

Male Extra is backed by a highly effective all-natural composition. There is no chemical additive in it which makes the pill real safe for users. Here is a brief on the main ingredients of Male Extra.

  • L-Arginine HCL

Arginine can be defined as a potent amino acid which helps to synthesize other components like nitric oxide and creatine. Nitric oxide helps to enhance blood circulation in entire body, including the genital area. A lot of studies have confirmed nitric oxide helps with greater sexual performance.

  • Granada 40 percent Ellagic Acid

As mentioned previously, this ingredient boosts up the blood supply and helps with more powerful erections in no time.

  • L-Methionine

It’s another amino acid that lowers the effect of histamine hormone. This particular hormone produces ejaculation which concludes the sexual performance. As L-Methionine is able to reduce histamine effects, it helps to prevent early or premature ejaculation. This way, men can enjoy longer erection and prolonged sexual pleasure.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl-Methane

It’s a mineral sulfur which works to repair and grow the cells in the body, including penile cells. It improves the damaged and weak tissues in every organ, strengthens the overall body and enhances the size of genital organ while having sexual intercourse.

  • Zinc

A very powerful natural secret to good health, zinc has also shown to improve sexual health. It strengthens bones, regenerate tissues and improves the skin. When it comes to sexuality, zinc particularly helps by enhancing testosterone production.

  • Niacin or Vitamin B3

Niacin is a major vitamin to enhance blood supply & circulation in genitals. It helps with expansion of arteries which eventually allows in smooth flow of blood to penis while having sex. On the other hand, Niacin lowers fatigue and provides you with a solid burst of energy for increased sexual performance.

  • Cordyceps

A dear old aphrodisiac, cordyceps stimulates those parts of brain which coordinates our sexual desires. No wonder, it’s a must-have ingredient to experience higher libido that culminates to highly powerful and more enjoyable sexual encounters.

Benefits of Male Extra

Better & more erections

Male Extra is packed with effective natural ingredients which have proven to enhance penile health. A strong and healthy penis always assures longer and better erections for improved sexual performance.

Enhanced sexual pleasure

As mentioned before, Male Extra works to improve the blood supply &circulation in the body. Enhanced blood circulation awakens the fine senses and helps one to enjoy better genital sensitivity. Thus, you get to experience more sexual pleasure than before.

Increased penile size

As Male Extra optimizes cell production, the size of the penis automatically increases during erection. It further enhances the man’s confidence while having sex.

Helps with Weight loss

Apart from improved sexual health, the supplement also helps in weight loss. Yes, its ingredients work to burn body fat and rewards you with an enviable physique.


In regards to dosage, you have to take 3 pills everyday. One after breakfast, one after lunch while the last one at sunset. Do not take more dosage than recommended. If you miss out on a dose someday do not go for overdose the next day. It would be better if you consult your doctor before taking the pills.

Are there any side effects?

Male Extra does not pose you to any adverse side effects.


Final words

It’s to note here that Male Extra will work better if you combine it with penile exercises. The main idea is to increase the blood supply in penis and exercise is really helpful here. It’s true that Male Extra too enhances blood supply but if you want better and faster results, you have to follow a regular exercise routine.